I never got the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.

The pirates are hiding the booty they got from the attack.


I just do what I can do.

This door is locked from the inside.

Kanthan needs the money desperately.

I came to ask him a favor.

You have only to wait for her return.

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To fly big passenger airliners calls for long training and experience.

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We went up and down by elevator.

The Voodoo priestess sniggered when Sal and Jan, lost in this sentence, asked themselves who, if not the author, actually controlled their fate.

I can't decide unless you tell me your plan.


Mickey is Pradeep's stepson.

There must be an explanation.

The Aegis collision - why couldn't it have been avoided?


Jeannie is a weird guy.

I have a conservative neighbor.

Salmon can jump up to 12 feet high.

Giovanni has no authority to do that.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

I wounded myself in the foot.

They spoke too quickly for me to understand.


Susumu shaved his head.


I might not be home when you arrive, so just wait outside if that happens.

I think it's not going to be that hard.

I've already paid the bill.

She made me a cake.

There you have it.

Whoever wants the book may have it.

Diane is your half sister, too.


Emily has such a sweet tooth she never refuses candy.

Mac was very tough.

I can't imagine what got into me.

Don't you feel honored?

He's a little goody two-shoes.

He's antisocial.

You should've asked him first.

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Could you come up here for a second?

Jennifer is about the same age as you, I suppose.

Rick is tougher than he looks.

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A big rock stuck out from the bank into the river.


My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.


Vance is just a friend.

You were a no show.

Why shouldn't I do it?

Can you give me a ride?

Can we help them?


Just remember to have fun.

I also like perfume tea.

Ariel made me eat it.

It has kept raining all day.

I'm feeling stressed.


Sean called me names.

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Most people find public speaking stressful.


She comes from both minorities.

Jones needed treatment.

One thing should not be forgotten: a program cannot think.


If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

She died after she had been ill for a long time.

The store lost its trade to the supermarket.


Michael had a heart tattooed on his arm.


Galen said he knew how Hienz felt.


You need to fix it right away.

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On the day appointed for the game they started together.


Jess can fix the heater.

She was in time for the bus.

We've seen this kind of thing happen before.


Are all of them ready?


We need to address the overcrowding among the refugees immediately otherwise more will die as summer approaches.

I suppose he's got a point.

He went to Paris, where he first met her.


Leigh didn't ask for money.

They noted the revolutionary success of the former English colonists who were able to achieve independence from the British and wanted to do the same thing in France.

If I hadn't had his help, I would be dead.

It's our car.

I think you underestimate us.

The father asked for revenge against the man who deflowered his daughter.

He is getting closer and closer to the speed limit.

Hopefully, the weather will be good.

She didn't want to reveal where she had actually found it.

The candidate made wild accusations against his opponent.

Jean particularly liked his math class.


Mr White's yard is large.

I haven't contacted you in a while.

Pride goes before a fall.

The chickens were scratching for food on the ground.

The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous, and one step above the ridiculous makes the sublime again.


Douglas had a terrible childhood.

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What is a fine?

These are for Brandon.

Why not?

I can't believe Winnie would do that to me.

That's got to make a difference.

Kamiya doesn't know why Stephen doesn't like him.

Seth was close to tears.

You should plan to come with us the next time we go camping.

Apparently, I got too drunk.

I was rudely awakened by a loud noise.

There were scribbles all along the wall.

The only thing that really matters is that you're safe now.

I can't talk right now. I'm eating dinner.

It was only a marriage of convenience.

Take it outside.

Time is not an absolute reality but an aspect of our consciousness.

If you want to see Scott, you have to hurry.

A good many of the pictures on exhibition were sold on the opening day.

Please look into this matter as soon as you can.

We need someone who has some experience in administration.

I don't want to be left holding the bag.


You're cuter than Melinda.

My memory is failing.

I saw him jump.

I'm coming to the hotel.

She had some fun.

She's proud of her high school.

The doctor says that Subra is going to be all right.

I rent a car from my friend.

Saqib took a direct flight to Boston.

Shamim didn't seem to remember Krzysztof.

Throw her the ball.

Jeffery opened another beer.

I lost my health insurance.

This is not a trick.

They only wrote idle chatter about me in the newspaper.

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I've already made my decision.

The ominous thunderstorm in the distance was gaining speed and strength.

This is my rifle.

What's your favorite drink in the summer?

See, what I have done there?

I should watch a documentary.

You remind me of myself at a young age.

I know that you are a teacher.

That's all I want.

You don't have to sleep down here.

I will come tomorrow morning.

Case is getting a little impatient.

Malaclypse is a man you can rely on.


You look fantastic!

Maybe we really are alone.

He wouldn't stop badgering me.


The Committee recommended that those one complaining should be reimbursed with a proportionate share of the annual fee with interests.

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When it was time to vote, he abstained.

I have two children, one in is Beijing and the other one is in Nagoya.

I'd like to lose a few pounds.

I've written to him.

Why did Merton want to talk to me?


The problem is you.

No mountain in the world is higher than Everest.

Left alone, I sometimes feel like crying.

There is usually a cool breeze here in the evening.

Hiroyuki was watching the whole time.

I knew Lynnette was coming back.

I don't want to know what you think about this.

Is it OK for some kid to show you up?

The driver told us which bus we should take.

So why don't you quit?

He is confined to his house by illness.


He works for an advertising agency.

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The teacher pokes his nose into everything.

Panos must've been surprised.

Dwayne told them not to do that.

It's quite clear that Huashi is going to be late.

It was beautiful in the country, it was summer-time; the wheat was yellow, the oats were green, the hay was stacked up in the green meadow.

Do you want to talk to a lawyer?

We've done the best we can with what we have.